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Education for sustainability.  Education is the foundation of both social and environment development.  All human beings develop their creativities with education. We aren’t speaking of a typical education but a new kind of global education. One specifically designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.  That is an education that empowers individuals and communities with the knowledge for shaping our world and becoming self-reliant, and is focused on the complexly interwoven, trans-disciplinary issues pertaining to the impending transition to sustainable culture. This education promotes and facilitates a healthy planetary evolution and explores and expands the perceived limits of human potential. By identifying, reconnecting, preserving and empowering our values and cultural diversity, such an education can realize a meaningful, dignified and high-quality life for all the world’s people.

Environment Awareness

All our wealth and poverty come from our environment which is often shaped by our worldview.  We are living in a rapidly changing world with concerns such as: the earth’s environmental degradation, the loss of habitat and the extinction of species, the disintegration of families, communities, even entire cultures, the dimming of a sense of spiritual awareness and purpose, global warming and depletion, now looming on the horizon is “peak oil” with its coming adjustments and retrofits, including the probability of ongoing conflict over access to the remaining energy reserves, and the worlds fresh water sources are destined to become resources of contention as well.  All of these problems are quite real and by now, well documented; but gaining awareness of the extent of the problems is only half the project of becoming educated these days.